The brand was first conceived in 2017 by two young women from Rome, Francesca Romana Paciaroni and Francesca Petaccia, who met in their thirties, unaware of being long time neighbors, linked by a story which has turned into a strong relationship. Francesca Romana was recovering from a death threatening disease and wanted to put her newfound energy in a very special project she had long been dreaming of, whilst Francesca, now mother of three, was juggling work and motherhood, longing for new challenges enabling her to master her time as a mother and an entrepreneur.
That same year in November Poupine was born!The idea was to create a brand able to offer a new life to all women.

Thanks to their passion for fashion and lifestyle, they felt the need to design a specific garment, undisputedly feminine and fancy: the “Poupine skirt”, whose main features are the length and the tartan patterns and stripes.

A Poupine skirt is elegant but edgy, a recognizable style that reminds of Parisian lounges, but with a touch of grace and courage.

«Our ambition is to create timeless fashion pieces for princesses of every age: daughters, mums, and grandmas.”

The Poupine woman is boldly elegant, fearless and strong, but romantic at the same time.

Every Poupine is a life hymn, a paradigm of femininity, perfect for every woman who wants to make a statement, a signature piece»

Discover Poupine’s world


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