About us


Francesca Romana Paciaroni & Francesca Petaccia, two young mademoiselles from Rome, unaware of being neighbors, finally met after 30 years in 2017, united by a story which has become a strong relationship.

It starts from here the idea to create a brand able to give a new life to all women.

Always been passionate about Fashion and Lifestyle, one day they felt the need to design a specific dress, undisputedly feminine and fancy: “Poupine skirt”, strictly long and made of Tartan.

A recognizable style that reminds of Parisian lounges but with a touch of lightness and bravery.

The Italian handmade customized skirts can be produced in all possible shades of Scottish Highlands and natural materials (used in Summer collections).

«Our goal is to create a timeless fashion for princesses of every age, mums, daughters, babies and grandmas.

The Poupine woman is iconic, brave, elegant.

Every Poupine is a life hymn, a paradigm for femininity, perfect for every woman kind, special and easily recognized»